Welcome to my personal blog about my life. My name is Mathew Clemens, and I actually have multiple blogs up and running on the internet. Feel free to check those out if you’d like. However, this is my personal life, written down in word, and available for all to see. I’ve been going through some tough times, and I want to change so I can become a better person and what better way than share my journey with you.

I spend a lot of time working, trying to make a good life for myself, family, and friends. I’m a rather family oriented person, without them, I don’t know where I’d be today. My friends of course are great to have, we work together and help each other out and have fun in the process. I currently work as a Lead Maintenance Engineer for the Rochester Public Schools. It keeps me busy and I enjoy it a bit.

I would like to experience the world. When I was younger, I often times would join my dad while he was an over the road truck driver. I’ve been in 48 states with him, however it was mostly at malls because he use to deliver items to the Wooden Bird. I would say that I’ve been in 18 states for actual visiting purposes. I’ve been in California to visit with my sister while she was a Nurse, visited some places there. I’ve been in Tennessee for the four day music and art festival most know as Bonnaroo. Wisconsin multiple times to visit my brother, and Georgia to visit some cousins. I want to be everywhere and visit everything, but have to condense it a bit for vacations that I take once or twice a year. I hope I get to travel more often and perhaps share my journeys with you.


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